March in Maine is Sweet!

Did you know that this is a busy time of year for our state’s maple trees?  Even in the dregs of Girlwinter, Maine has something sweet to offer, as the maple sugaring season gets underway.

It starts usually in late February when the sap, called “sweetwater” flows through the trees.  The trees are tapped, and in a good year, one large tree may effortlessly pour out of that tap as much as 60 gallons of sap.

Sounds like a lot right? But it takes 40 quarts of the sweetwater to get one quart of the golden sweetness you find beside your pancakes.

If you were around last Sunday, you could have learned abut it in detail, as many farms located within a short drive from The Captain Lord Mansion host Maine Maple Sunday (March 22).  However, the farms are still open the rest of the month of March!

Evap For a full list,  visit the state’s list of syrup producers or come see us at the main office and we can give you directions to some of our farms nearby.

At many of these farms you can go into the sugaring shack, watch the sweetwater boil, and learn more about how it goes from what looks like nothing more than water, to one of the sweetest things Maine has to offer.

But don’t worry, if you couldn’t make it to one of these farms last Sunday, you can always enjoy the delicious flavor of real maple syrup in our kitchen at breakfast.  Because what would a real Maine breakfast be without the real thing.

Your Innkeeper — Rick Litchfield.

(Photos courtesy of the Maine Maple Producers Association. This link will take you to their home page, where you can learn all you’ve ever wanted to know about maple syrup making )