The famous come to Portland

It's not the Guggenheim, but Portland – the biggest city in Maine, and only a half hour drive away from the Captain Lord Mansion - and it has a rather impressive art museum.

The Portland Museum of Art is a quaint, but progressive museum that hosts eye-popping exhibits, informative lectures and space for art to breathe.

From now until March 22 it is hosting just an amazing and fun exhibit, the likes of what you might find in the Smithsonian.

Backstage Pass opened January 22 and features 268 photographs of mostly backstage shots from the world's most famous musicians.215 Beatles

There are never before seen sneak peeks at the Beatles, Elvis Presley, Jimi Hendrix and Madonna, to name a few, in studio portraits as well as candid moments.

This is not an exhibition of paparazzi shots, but something much more rich, raw and respectful. This exhibit comes from one of the largest private collections in the world and is a treat to have here in Maine (one of the best vacation places in the world).
If you would like directions to the museum, stop by the front office and we'll get you there.  If you want to know what else is going until March 22 in connection with the show, click this link  and scroll down to related programs.

Rock on!

Your innkeeper – Rick Litchfield