A wicked winter thus far…

As I write this, we are recovering from a day when the mercury actually reached -19 degrees.  That's NEGATIVE 19 degrees. Without a windchill.

It is just another blast of the worst winter has to offer. 

We got our first real winter wickedness just before Christmas, right in the middle of Prelude.  A storm that was predicting a half inch of ice or so, whalloped us at the Captain Lord Mansion and the rest of York County. Power was out in some places for nearly 8 days.  We lost power at the inn for five of those days. And although there was a generator to keep our critical electrical appliances running, we were certainly crippled for a time.

The one who suffered the worst however, was our beautiful buckeye in the lawn, which lost a major limb. Cl1 We do believe the tree will recover, but it was a massive undertaking cleaning up the debris.  As you can see from the photo at right, nearly a month later there is still much to be done.

  Shortly after the ice storm, pile and piles of snow dumped on us. Fourteen inches here at the inn. It was certainly a white Christmas at the inn. A white Christmas that keeps on going as you can see below.  The poor Christ child is still stuck under a pile of it in the front lawn.

And now we are trying to stay warm and keep the pipes from freezing under this arctic blast.

BUT I always like to look at the positive.  Our rooms are all equipped with warm gas fireplaces, which are perfect for snuggling up to on days like the ones we've had. Our coffee and hot cocoa maker is always ready to go (as long as we have power) and only takes a few seconds to brew a winter warm up.

Our beds are soft, our comforters fluffy and warm.  And, this time of year, you have the sweet town of Kennebunkport nearly all to yourself! There's no fighting for parking places in January.

Whether you are coming to see us now, or staying put where you are until summer, we are sending warm and comfortable thoughts your way.

Winter can be brutal.  But also beautiful in it's own way.

Your innkeeper — Rick Litchfield