The Long and Dusty Trail

Trailride3_2Just thought I’d share with you some pictures of a trail ride Bev and I took this past Saturday from the Equestrian Park in nearby Hollis, Maine.

This was an event organized by the Maine Horse Association and it was truly a lot of fun. The sun was bright, the temperatures were crisp and the leaves on the trees were magnificent in their colorful glory.

However, we got to see a lot more leaves and a lot more trees than originally intended because the group, nearly 20 riders in all, got lost in the woods. The trails were not very well marked and also they didn’t match with the map we were given. So, our beginner-rider, easy 2-mile trail ride turned into something a bit more onerous. In fact, on one stretch of trail, we retraced our steps three times trying to find the way out! Finally, we discovered the correct trail!

Poor Bev.  Her horse Luv had just about had it by the 5th or 6th lost mile, as you can tell in the picture at right. Luv was all sweaty, grouchy and ready to be done with the ride. Actually, most of us riders were ready too!  Regardless, there were a number of good trots and canters along the trail and some great conversation among old friends, two and four-footed alike!  P.S. Bev owns Luv and I lease Kiwi; there are no rental facilities close-by the Captain Lord Mansion due to insurance issues!

Your Innkeeper — Rick Litchfield.

Bev on Luv and I on Kiwi  starting off on our
Saturday morning trail ride.