Where are they now? Dana is …..

In my last post, I wrote about the painting Anniversary Celebration, one that is very near and dear to our hearts, because of some of the familiar characters in it.

Ciccy2One of those characters is Dana (in that Anniversary Celebration painting (seen here running with Aggie the cat) the oldest of our two beautiful daughters.

But she’s not a little girl anymore. As promised in the last blog entry here is an update on Dana’s life:

She is now 27 years old (28 on Nov. 15)
She was married five years ago on Aug. 30, at the Kennebunkport Village Baptist Church. After the church ceremony, she and her new husband, Eric Nielsen, were brought to the Captain Lord Mansion by horse-drawn carriage, where a group of 75 people waited in the carriage house barn to celebrate their union. It was a magical afternoon. Many of the white Christmas Lights we used to light the barn are still strung across the barn ceiling and often, Bev will get comments. Her favorite: "Now that’s a smart way to store your Christmas lights."Danas_wedding_door_stops_138
Dana and Eric honeymooned in Nova Scotia.  They took Bev’s Chrysler Sebring convertible!
Mr. and Mrs. Nielsen (they met while attending Cedarville University in Cedarville, Ohio) now live in suburban Dayton, Ohio. Why Ohio? That’s where Eric’s family is from!
Dana is following her parents in their hospitality footsteps as she is managing a Steak and Shake Restaurant there.  Ever eat at a Steak and Shake restaurant, a Midwest tradition?  If not, you’re missing out!
Eric, meanwhile, is a senior computer programmer for a tax-prep company.
We visit them every May and spend a week with the couple, helping them with their gardening (Bev) and trimming their shrubs (me)!  We also love to just spend time with them!

They have one cat, named Paws, and no children as of yet.
BUT, they are a very frugal, conscientious couple. For example, the house they bought three years ago, is already paid off!

In another installment, I’ll give you an update on the life and times of our other daughter, Stacia. Until then…

As Always, Your Innkeeper — Rick Litchfield