What is Living Little?

Livinglittle_logo_2 Where else can you see a log cabin, a general store, a houseboat, a church, a Victorian mansion, a woodworking shop, several homes, and more all under one roof?  In miniature at the Brick Store Museum‘s newest exhibition, of course!  Living Little: A Selection of Doll-houses and Architectural Models.

These are just a few of the not-so-small wonders from the Museum and on loan from private collections that will fascinate you as part of On view through the end of 2008, this exhibition just opened on July 20 but has already welcomed hundreds of visitors–from toddlers to architects to miniatures enthusiasts of all ages! Especially fun is an “I Spy…”scavenger hunt activity that challenges kids to locate certain items within the various scenes.

You’ll see doll-houses and models as hobbies, as forms of collecting, and as catalysts for compelling stories that transcend generations. Accompanying many of the doll-houses are sequences of photographs. Artistic in their own right, the images also serve to spotlight specific details and show aspects or vantage points that might otherwise not be readily apparent. With no comparative sense of scale in these engaging photographs, the rooms depicted are easily be mistaken as full-size, and it’s not much of a leap to envision yourself in the scene!Brick_store_museum

So, enter a miniature world where everything is just as you like it.  For a time, try “living little.” 

This exhibition is made possible by the Museum’s proud business partners: Jeffrey A. Bonney, CFPr, Captain Lord Mansion and Ocean Bank.