Where Can You Find Beautiful Gardens in Bloom?

Thanks to Bev, our resident gardener, the flowers and vegetables are doing splendid this season! Garden1
In the vegetable garden we have an abundance of tomatoes coming up.  Not just any tomatoes, mind you.  They are the ones we use in all our cooking here at The Captain Lord Mansion.  We also grow our own herbs, basil, parsley and such, to add in our delicious menu items.

I may be good at eating the splendors of the garden, but it is Bev who truly has the greenest thumb in the family.  We don’t hire a gardener to landscape our grounds.  Bev does all the work, from weeding, to pruning, to caring for the perennials all through the long cold winter.  The Tuberous Begonias, seen in the next two photos, are particularly loved by Bev, who digs them up every fall and winters them over in a large tub of peat moss which we store in a heated garage.  The begonias make up an impressive collection of whites, yellows, reds and pinks. Gorgeous. And there is no better time to see them than now.
Garden3_2 Garden4

The side garden by our barn is a perfect example of how brilliant Bev is not only at caring for the greenery, but landscaping them as well. Here, we see the perfect combination of tall purple cone flowers, mixed with bright ground cover, and a peek-a-boo stone bunny.

Garden5 Garden6

When visiting, make sure you spend time admiring these lush beds of beauty.  With the way time moves these days, they’ll be covered in snow before we know it.  No-no, did I really say that?

Your Innkeeper — Rick Litchfield