Art history Comes Alive at the Inn…again!

As promised, another entry about the art that graces the walls of the Captain Lord Mansion.  Bev and I know that some of you, when you come to visit, really enjoy these exquisite, extraordinary pieces. Now, permit us to share a little of their history with you.

This month’s piece is one that is quite dear to our hearts: Anniversary Celebration commissioned for our 10th anniversary (June 15th, 1988) and painted by primitive painter Cissy Buchanan. During our early years as innkeepers, Cissy became a good friend and showed her work at Mast Cove Gallery which is located in Kennebunkport next to the Graves Memorial Library.


We knew of Cissy’s work long before this piece was commissioned.  We loved her beach rocks series and other primitive pieces we would see at Jean Briggs’ Mast Cove Gallery.  It was one style of art missing from our collection at the Mansion, so it all seemed to make perfect sense to commission Cissy to create a special work of art celebrating our 10th anniversary.

But what makes this piece even more enticing are the little details Cissy incorporated into the piece. I notice new ones every time I look at the painting.  Do you recognize anybody?

That’s yours truly on the high-wheel bike, riding in front of the historic “cup and saucer” house (circa 1784), which was our private residence for the past 25 years.  Waving to me is Bev and our two daughters, Dana and Stacia.

Ciccy2In another section of the painting, the lady in white is again, my Bev, with our Dana (now a grown woman…expect an update on her life in an upcoming post) chasing ducks with Aggie. Do you remember Aggie?  She was our Mansion cat?  She lived to be about 16 years old!

Cissy3In another part of the painting, we see our neighbors, Michael and Suzanne, in their garden, where on any given summer day, they can be found.

For me, there is one being represented in this painting for whom I am still searching. I’d love to meet her, but I haven’t found her yet! If you see her around, please, let me know!


Your Innkeeper – Rick Litchfield