Sign says: We’re giving the inn a fresh coat.

You may have noticed a sign on our front lawn that seems a little out of character.  Please don’t be alarmed.  It is not a real estate sign!  It is just there to let you know that Jay Binette of Dedicated Painting Services from Arundel, Maine, is spending some time here at 6 Pleasant Street, giving the north side of our Kennebunkport Bed & Breakfast a fresh coat of paint.Paint jog on Kennebunkport bed and breakfast

We have been doing this approximately every six years, but with the cost of maintaining the inn’s regal coat higher than ever, we now only do one side per year.

Even so, it is a notable and noticeable undertaking.  However, it is not as formidable as it was in 1986, when a painting crew first stripped all the paint off the building for the first time in nearly 175 years!

What came off the building, as you can see in the picture on the right, was layers and layers of lead-tainted ooey, gooey paint. It was a massive undertaking.  As a reminder of that time, we’ve kept several chunks on display in the armoire located by our office.  Since then, however, we’ve been regularly maintaining the inn’s historical grandeur with what we believe is the original “Colonial Yellow” color.  The brand paint which Jay is using is Sherwin Williams “Duration”; it was what was used several years ago on the Captain’s Garden House where it is holding up exteremly well.  “Duration” is somewhat more expensive, but seems to hold up better than other brands we’ve used.

The color, (seen clearly in the photo at left) Historic Kennebunkport bed and breakfastas the name suggests, is true to the shade the inn has displayed for 200 years. It is a color we’re beholden to, as our inn is on the National Register of Historic Places.  “Colonial Yellow” is an authentic color, which maintains the inn’s historic integrity.

Intermittent showers throughout the summer here on the southern coast of Maine, though, have slowed the painting process considerably.  Therefore, the Dedicated Painting sign has been on our front long a bit longer than we would have liked.  Also, the whole north side of the inn looks nude with all the shutters removed!

However, if the Captain Lord Mansion can weather with good humor 200 years of unpredictable, sometime uncooperative Maine weather, then indeed, we can as well.

Thanks for your patience!

Your innkeeper – Rick Litchfield.