A little Nookie here at the inn!

Hope that title caught your attention! But it’s just a silly way of introducing a new feature at the inn I’ve been eager to tell you about: The Captain’s Wine Nook.
Fine Mane wine in bed and breakfast's wine nook
The Captain’s Wine Nook occupies a set of stairs we discovered hidden behind a wall just outside the reception area on the first floor. This spring, we tore out the wall, and much to our pleasure, discovered this preserved, antique staircase.

No. We didn’t discover any buried treasure back there. Just 150 years worth of dirt.

The stairs themselves were treasure enough! The wide wooden wall panels and chunky stair treads were still painted in the original mossy green from 1812. It was pretty clear to us that this should become something special, say, a platform to display all the fine wines we have to offer here at the Captain Lord Mansion. So, we arranged them and gave it a name. But there was still something missing.

Fine Maine wine It was Bev who figured it out, and got right to work cross stitching labels for the red wine, white wine and champagnes we offer.

If you are a regular guest with us you may notice those cross stitches look awful familiar. Maybe, say, similar to the nameplates for each of our rooms here at the inn? That’s because Bev made those as well. She won’t give herself much credit for the work, so I will. They look great, Bev!

Anyway, if you come visit our nook (the stairs no longer lead to anything but the solid wood floor of the next level) make sure you read about “Steele,” a limited edition Pinot Noir made by our good friend Paul Carr and served here at the inn.

By the way, don’t be turned off by the “Rat’s Reserve” label. It is in no way indicative of who lived behind the wall and in the Captain’s Wine Nook before the wines did!

As always, Your Innkeeper, Rick Litchfield.