Help us Name our Beloved Watchdogs

Bev and I are having a “ruf” time with something here at the Captain Lord Mansion and we are hoping you can help.

Outside on our grounds, just beyond the side entrance, are two sentinels that we have loved for several years. If you are a returning guest, you probably know of whom I speak: The two bronze dogs who stand ever vigilant by our Memory Garden.

Watch dog statue at luxury Maine Inn
The dogs have a rich history. Bev and I discovered them about five years ago at the Englishman’s Interiors booth at the January Atlanta Gift Mart. Bev loved them instantly, but we decided at the time they were too expensive.

However, Bev just couldn’t stop thinking about them.

And so, a year later when we returned to the annual show, the first thing she asked the salesman at Englishman’s was “Where are the dogs?” Lucky for us, they were still available and stored in a nearby warehouse. The salesman graciously offered to bring them to the showroom.  He knew a sale when he saw one!

Upon seeing them again, Bev said: “It doesn’t matter how much they cost! This time, we’re buying them for the inn.”

So we did. But the trouble is: WE NEVER GAVE THEM NAMES!

Here’s where you come in. Bev and I have decided it is time to finally name the dogs, who are always the subject of conversation among our guests. And whoever submits the most creative names for the dogs will received a $100 gift certificate towards a stay at our inn. (The names Bev and Rick, just so you know, are already taken).  We’ll make a decision from all submissions made by Labor Day Weekend, 2008.  Be sure to include your name, address and either email or phone number on your email submission to

Here are some facts about the statues:

1) They are hand-cast in bronze.
2) They both stand about 3 feet tall.
3) They each weigh about 70 pounds
4) We have no idea what kind of dogs they are supposed to be, but they both appear to be males.

So, there you have it. The inside scoop on our pooches. Now, what should we call them…

Your innkeeper, Rick Litchfield