“Wind Sculptures” come to the Maine Art Gallery in Kennebunkport

Maine Art Gallery “Wind Sculptures” TM by Lyman Whitaker

“The undulating movements of theses sculptures reflect the mood of the wind.  In groupings large or small, the sculptures dance to the rhythms of nature.  Captivating and magical, these fine sculptures will be enjoyed for generations”  Bev and I have to agree with this statement from the brochure accompanying the printed announcement of this show by Maine Art Gallery.  We were captivated by the beautiful display of sculptures as we drove by the Maine Art Gallery which is located on Route 9 as you arrive into Kennebunkport.  We are seriously considering adding a piece to our garden area at The Captain Lord Mansion.  If you are visiting us this summer, we heartily encourage you to experience this wonderful display of visual art.

Heart of the Arts

We are fortunate to have many fine art galleries located in our seaside village.  If you want to check out the many excellent artists, please click on this link for Kennebunkport’s art association which is named Heart of The Arts.Heartofthearts2007heart  During the 30 years we’ve been in Kennebunkport, Bev and I have collected paintings from many of these artists.  We have several on display at the inn;  the others are displayed in our home.  We hope you enjoy knowing this bit of information about Kenenbunkport.  Your innkeeper, Rick Litchfield