Where Can You Rent Kayaks in Kennebunkport?

Captain Lord Mansion staff goes for a “Sunset Paddle” at Goose Rocks Beach!Goose Rocks Beach

Sunday evening, July 22, 2007 several of our staff together with Bev and I gathered on the beautiful white sands of Goose Rocks Beach.  We felt excited and eagerly anticipated our “Sunset Paddle” with Seth Kenneway, the owner of a new business in Kennebunkport, “Port Paddle”, which is associated with Cape Able Bike Shop.

Seth was accompanied by his wife Alison and their two young children.  They were responsible for making the campfire we were to enjoy after our kayaking tour of the harbor.

Seth is a registered Maine Guide who has worked for the famous Maine outdoor outfitter, L.L. Bean.  Seth brought us his brand new sea kayaks together with carbon fiber paddles, as in very light!  There were seven of us sharing two double and three single craft.  Bev and I do not paddle together, so she paddled with someone else, while I had a single kayak!  Double kayaks are known as divorce boats!

Before dragging each of our kayaks into the water to begin our paddle, Seth spent time instructing us in the fine points of kayak paddling.  Our actual 2 hour kayaking tour followed the curved lines of the beach about 200 to 300 yards off-shore.  Before completing our trip, we paddled into the “Little” river which flows into the harbor on the north end of the beach.  It was fun sort of surfing the swells into the river!  As we headed back to our take-out point opposite the Tides Inn, we marveled at the beautiful sunset of pinks, roses and purples.Robert_dennis_001  The photos accompanying this blog are by Robert Dennis.

At the completion of our paddle tour, we dragged the kayaks up the beach and gathered around the campfire for fellowship, fruit shortcake, smores and sharing stories about our adventure.  As darkness descended, we headed home feeling tired, but refreshed and  grateful for having had the opportunity for such an enjoyable adventure.

If you are coming to Kennebunkport, we sincerely recommend taking this sunset tour with Seth.  Rick Litchfield, you innkeeper