What is “Certified Maine Lobster”?

If it’s not certified,it just might not be authentic Maine Lobster.  Fresh Maine lobster

The Maine Lobster Promotion Council developed the Certified Maine Lobster(TM) program so that customers can be sure they are getting the authentic Maine Lobster that they want.  If customers don’t see the Certified Maine Lobster(TM) brand on their lobster, they can’t be sure of what they are receiving.

The criteria for a Certified Maine Lobster(TM) are:

  • Harvested off the Maine coast by licensed Maine lobstermen who adhere to strict conservation methods
  • Sold by licensed Maine lobster dealers
  • Processed by Maine seafood companies and distributors

At the Captain Lord Mansion, we recommend  several different types of restaurants that serve these succulent Maine lobsters.  Whether dining elegant or casual, on your next visit, allow us to recommend one of Kennebunkport‘s great restaurants for fresh Maine lobster.  We and our staff are pleased to share our favorites with you. Rick Litchfield, your innkeeper