Top 11 Reasons to Book Direct at the Captain Lord Mansion!

Bev and Rick 35th

Allow us to share with you the top 11 reasons to book direct at the Captain Lord Mansion. When coming to Kennebunkport, visit, call us directly and we promise to provide an engaging and rewarding booking process.

  1. You definitely have a better understanding of the inn’s character when you book direct.
  2. When you book direct, you get the best choice of rooms and will get exactly what you desire. Every room at Captain Lord Mansion is unique. OTAs (online travel agencies) are fine for big hotels with cookie-cutter rooms.
  3. You are informed about any special packages not available on OTA Booking sites.
  4. We want the best possible experience for you; that only happens when we talk directly to guests during the reservation process.
  5. You will get an email directly from us covering many aspects of your stay.
  6. When you book with OTA you can get moved around to whatever room that generally meets your requirements. However, book direct and get the specific room and amenities you want. We only list a restricted type and number of rooms on OTAs
  7. With booking direct  you get to talk to a real person, who will be pleasant and provide expert advice on area, local attractions, it is the best possible customer service.
  8. When you book direct, we begin providing personal service immediately; we help with room selection, itineraries, other travel plans, food preferences or allergies and recommended restaurants, etc.
  9. When you book direct, there is no problems with cancellations and reservation mix-ups.
  10. AAA and AARP discounts are only offered if you book direct.
  11. Book direct, meet one of our staff on the phone who will help personalize your stay with us .

We look forward to serving you, so book direct at the Captain Lord Mansion. Your innkeepers, Bev Davis and Rick Litchfield