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Artist Dennis Perrin :: Kennebunkport Treasured Art

Dennis Perrin has become a good friend of ours here at the Captain Lord Mansion.  We love his paintings so much that we have three of them displayed in our reception office. One of them we call “Treasured Memories”.  We commissioned Dennis to paint “Treasured Memories’ in 2002 to celebrate our 25th Anniversary in 2003 as innkeepers of the […]

What Do You Know About The Statue on Kennebunkport’s River Green?

This statue graces Kennebunkport’s River Geen which is located in front of the Captain Lord Mansion.  Frank Handlen, the artist and sculptor of this magnificent bronze is a personal friend of ours.  There is quite a story concerning the creation of this statue.  Frank had actually begun crafting the clay model of “Our Fore bearers of the Coast” […]

Art History Comes Alive at the Inn!

Here’s a new feature I plan to bring you once a month, highlighting a piece of art that graces the walls of the Captain Lord Mansion. Sometimes, perhaps, I’ll feature a local artist whose work we particularly enjoy. Bev and I know that some of you, when you come to visit, really enjoy these exquisite, […]