Memory Garden

Memory Garden path - Kennebunkport Maine Luxury LodgingEnjoy Kennebunkport, Maine luxury lodging at its best! We have beautiful rooms and gardens. The Captain Lord Mansion “Memory Garden” is a tribute to our frequent visitor guests who help make the Mansion a truly unique getaway. On a guest’s 10th visit to our southern Maine Coast Inn, they receive a personalized engraved stone in the walkway located on the Mansion’s beautifully manicured grounds.

The centerpiece to this unique memorial garden is the “Fountain of Love.” The serene and sunny flower garden graces the spacious side lawn of the Mansion, and is comprised of 500-million-year old Appalachian bluestones that pave the two angular paths and one circular path, surrounding a round fountain with a weathered copper statue of a couple cuddling in the “rain” under an umbrella.

Memory Garden statue - Kennebunkport maine LodgingThe innkeepers designed this landmark to honor their most dedicated guests. On their 10th visit to the Mansion, our romantic Maine Bed and Breakfast, guests immediately wander these paths to discover their personal stone engraved with their names. There are two granite benches on which guests may sit to soak in the peaceful essence of the garden and the beauty of the bordering flowers.  In addition, beautiful garden sculptures and a peacefully flowing waterfall enhance the summer garden parties featuring complimentary wine tastings.