What is the “5 Shades of Red” Kennebunkport Festival?

Valentine's Day

What is the “5 Shades of Red” Kennebunkport Festival?  For many years Kennebunkport area merchants have celebrated the month of romance with “February is For Lovers” events, packages and specials.  This year the town is “taking it up a notch”; many of the businesses will “paint the town red” with displays of red hearts, red ribbons and loads of miniature sparkling red lights.  Additionally, the shops and restaurants will be offering “red tag” specials.  The Captain Lord Mansion is offering its own “5 Shades of Red” package which includes discounts for both mid-week and weekends, “3 for 2” Escapes, complimentary sparkling wine, Lindt chocolate truffles, dining coupons, frequent visit gifts and rewards.  We invite you to come to Kennebunkport in February and experience “New England’s Most Romantic Town”, as well as one of New England’s Most Romantic Bed and Breakfast Inns!

Your innkeepers, Bev Davis and Rick Litchfield

Thanksgiving! Masters of Innkeeping Award

Bev Davis & Rick Litchfield Named Masters of New England Innkeeping

Bev and Rick 35th

New England Inns & Resorts Association (NEIRA) presented Bev Davis & Rick Litchfield, the prestigious Masters of New England Innkeeping Award on Monday, October 27th at 7:00pm at the Samoset Resort, Rockport, ME.   Bev & Rick are the Owner / Innkeepers at the Captain Lord Mansion, Kennebunkport, ME.”The Master of New England Innkeeping Award is given to people nominated by their peers, who have made a lasting contribution and left an indelible mark on the culture of New England hospitality. It is the special innkeeper who has developed a unique brand of hospitality, whose guests and staff have been energized by his or her personality and whose sense of style has made staying and/or working at his or her property a one-of-a-kind experience. The Master of New England Innkeeping Award was established in 2003 by NEIRA. to archive and preserve a living culture steeped in history that spans at least the past century.There will be only 25 Masters of New England Innkeeping and the following 13 have been selected:

  1. Karl Abbott~ Innkeeper and Author of “Open for the Season”.
  2. LG Treadway ~ Treadway Inns in Massachusetts
  3. Randall Spalding ~ The Spalding Inn, New Hampshire
  4. Margaret and James Smith ~ Wentworth by the Sea, New Castle, NH.
  5. Louise and Borden Avery ~ The Lake Morey Inn, Fairlee, Vermont.
  6. Warren Pearson – The Balsams Grand Resort Hotel, Dixville Notch, NH
  7. Mary and Robert Stone – The Lighthouse Inn, West Dennis, MA.
  8. Nancy Gray – Harraseeket Inn, Freeport, ME and Mystic Inn, Mystic CT.
  9. Roger Saunders – The Lenox Hotel, Copley Square Hotel and other regional hotels in New England.
  10. Steve Barba – The Balsams Grand Resort Hotel, Dixville Notch, NH
  11. Maureen McQuade – Inn by the Sea, Cape Elizabeth, ME
  12. The Dunfey Family – Dunfey Hotels in New England
  13. Bev Davis and Rick Litchfield – Captain Lord Mansion”

We are humbled and truly honored to receive this award because it is given by peers in the industry and represents recognition of their 37 years in the hospitality industry as innkeepers at the Captain Lord Mansion.  Additioanlly, we are numbered among some of the giants in the New England hospitality industry.  Wow!  Your innkeepers, Bev Davis & Rick Litchfield




Why Does The Captain Lord Mansion Serve S&D Coffee?

Fresh Brewed Coffee

Have you ever wondered what coffee the Captain Lord Mansion and the Captain’s Garden House serve for breakfast and why?  For many years we served Victor Coffee which was acquired by S&D Coffee in May of 2000. So, for over 14 years S&D has been our principal supplier of coffee products.  We receive many compliments on the quality of our coffee; so, that is why we continue to serve S&D products.

However, upon researching information about S&D Coffee to write this blog, I was pleased to learn that they have a corporate culture focused on sustainability and good business practices.  Here is a quote from the S&D website: “Now, as we start the next phase of our journey, S&D has joined the ranks of industry leaders who are committing themselves to a new goal: delivering great-tasting products in the most responsible way possible. That means offering sustainably-sourced beverages, reducing our carbon footprint, scaling back our overall energy use, expanding our employee health and wellness programs, and rededicating ourselves to serving our community“.

Last year we consumed over 500 pounds of coffee at the Captain Lord Mansion.  That does not include the individual pods we have available at the Captain’s Garden House or special pods used with the N’espresso coffee/cappuccino machine at the Mansion.

We appreciate our guest feedback and will continue to serve the best breakfast products we can find.

Your innkeepers, Bev Davis and Rick Litchfield

Hunter Editions Presents The Captain Lord Mansion in Art Reproductions!


Captain Lord Mansion Louis Norton

During the 37 years we have been owners and innkeepers here at the Captain Lord Mansion, we have commissioned several paintings of the inn which we have on display in the Mansion office.  Additionally, recently we were able to secure a rather valuable painting of the inn which was done in the early 20th century by noted Kennebunkport artist Louis Norton.   The Mansion’s 200th Anniversary celebration was held in June; for that occasion we had a limited number of beautiful prints of the Norton painting created by Hunter Editions.  These are available in our gift shop for $99 and are mounted on artist board in a protective plastic sleeve.  Thus, guests of our Kennebunkport bed and breakfast have the prints framed to match their home decor.

Hunter Editions also created the prints on canvas of Cissy Buchanan’s “Anniversary Celebration” painting (pictured below) which we commissioned for our 10th Anniversary in 1988 and Dennis Perrin’s “Treasured Memories” painting (pictured below) which we commissioned for our 25th Anniversary in 2003.  Both those works of art are on display in our office and framed prints on canvas are available in Bev’s Gift Shop, so you can own a little piece of Kennebunkport history!

Celebration - Cissy Buchanan

We are aware of several other paintings of the Captain Lord Mansion which are in currently residing in museums.  One, by Abbott Graves, titled “New England Doorway” is located in the offices of the Kennebunkport Historical Society.  It is pictured above.  If you are visiting the inn in season, we can schedule a private showing of the painting for you.  A second work by the very well-known artist Willard Metcalf is located in the Florence Griswold Museum in Old Lyme, CT.

I have personally visited this museum and was impressed with the bright colors in his work which features a front view of the building and depicts the extravagant gardens which, in the early part of the 20th century, the Lord family maintained on the land in front of the Mansion.  Today, that land is called the “River Green” and is part of the Kennebunkport Kennenbunkport historyConservation Trust and there is a beautiful garden at the end of the green.  Also, Bev has transformed the gardens around the inn into beautiful oases of fragrance and color.

If you are an art lover, you too can take home a modest remembrance of your visit with us!

Your innkeepers, Bev Davis Rick Litchfield

Captain Lord Mansion History Is Now Available!

History 2014


Captain Lord Mansion History Is Now Available!

To celebrate the 200th Anniversary of the Captain Lord Mansion, Rick Litchfield, owner and innkeeper, has written a history which traces ownership of the Mansion from its construction in 1812-1814 through seven of Nathaniel Lord’s descendants, as well as one subsequent owner before Bev and Rick purchased the Mansion on June 15, 1978.

The digest-sized booklet is full of colorful photographs of various Lord descendants who owned the Mansion during its 200 year history.  Details about many structural changes and additions to the building over the years make this an interesting read for those who like architectural information.  We’ve also included some early pictures of Bev and Rick, including one taken the day they purchased the inn.

We can mail the booklet to you for the small sum of $4.95 which includes cost of postage.

So, if you have ever wondered about the “back story” of the Captain Lord Mansion, you can read all about it in this newly-published history.  Your innkeeper, Rick Litchfield

Bed and Breakfast Stays for Vets!

Veteran-Collage-Highlight 2014 Bed and Breakfast Stays for Vets Each year, the Captain Lord Mansion celebrates the sacrifices offered by our courageous vets by offering free rooms on or around Veteran’s Day. We are excited to honor men and women, either active or retired, to our Annual “B&B’s for Vets” celebration.  This is our Bed and Breakfast Stays for Vets package! The Captain Lord Mansion will open its doors on Sunday, November 9th and Monday, November 10th, 2014. To thank veterans for their service we have reserved a number of rooms which a free to veterans on those dates on a “first call” basis.  Looking forward to serving you!  Your innkeepers, Bev Davis and Rick Litchfield

5th Annual Breast Cancer Survivor Escape

Breast Cancer Awareness

What is the “Dime for Time” Program?

Beginning in January 2014, we again pledged a multiple of dimes per each guest visit to benefit the American Cancer Society for breast cancer research.  We multiply the number of initial guest visits by five and previous guest visits by a factor of ten!  With about 75% of our Captain Lord Mansion guests being repeat visitors, the amount we donate adds up!  Between 2010 and 2013 we raised and donated over $17,000 for breast cancer research. Thus, we offer many dimes for breast cancer research to give women more time!

This original breast cancer fundraising event was created five years ago to honor Bev’s sister, Lois Ann Fincher, who passed away in 2003 after a ten-year long battle with breast cancer!

The “Dime for Time” Campaign culminates each year on the last Sunday and Monday of November (Nov. 30 & Dec. 1, 2014) when selected New England area breast cancer survivors receive a complimentary two-night stay (A Breast Cancer Survivor Escape) at our intimate Kennebunkport Bed & Breakfast.  We provide the ladies and their husbands or close friends with 2 nights of complimentary lodging, 2 delicious breakfasts, a reduced price dinner at On the Marsh, a local fine-dining restaurant as well as surprise gifts.  One of those gifts is a “HugWrap.” We discovered this remarkable item and its creator Brenda Jones when she was invited to the very first survivor weekend.  I recommend that you click to her link and read her remarkable story.

We are building to a 5th year of fundraising success in 2014!

Your innkeepers, Bev Davis and Rick Litchfield

Bev Davis’ Top 6 Decorating Tips from The Captain Lord Mansion

Kennebunkport Maine Lodging

This Blog is about Bev Davis’ Top 6 decorating tips from the Captain Lord Mansion!  Bev does not have a degree in interior decorating, but she does have a God-given gift plus 36 years experience in decorating both the four guest rooms at Captain’s Garden House as well as the sixteen guest rooms at the Captain Lord Mansion.  Additionally, she did all the decorating at the Captain’s Hideaway, our intimate, two guest-room Bed & Breakfast that we owned for about ten years between 1987 and 1996.

1. Lighting is the Life of a Room:

  • Bedroom: Bev recommends a lamp beside each side of the bed with at least a 100 watt bulb.  A small lamp on the dresser is also recommended, especially if there is a mirror there. If you have a chair in the bedroom, there should be a floor lamp beside it.
  • Living Room/Den: Three types of lighting is needed.
  1. Mood: Interesting lamps or sconces should be placed for decor
  2. Reading: Floor and table lamps should be placed beside chairs and couches
  3. Overall: Ceiling lights should be on rheostats or in lighted ceiling fans

2. Color tips: Color popularity changes about every 5 years. Bev recommends careful attention to avoid “trendy” colors, especially in large living areas due to the expense of redoing those areas.  Blue has been out of favor for at least 15 years, while warm tones have dominated during that period.  However, blue is making a comeback; is this a trend or return of an important color?  Also, a monochromatic palette with one color accent is quite popular now.

3. Fabrics: Re-upholstering furniture is very expensive today, so Bev recommends to stay away from any amount of acetate in fabrics when purchasing or selecting fabrics for re-upholstering. Acetate looks and feels like silk; however, it does not hold up in even moderate wear.

4. Space: Bev strongly recommends leaving white or blank spaces. Every table and shelf does not have to be “full” of stuff.  Book shelves can be enhanced by placing a few books, curios or mementos on the same shelf, leaving open space between the items as well as open shelves.  Side tables can become “clutter catchers”, so have a basket or interesting decorative containers beside couches and chairs for magazines and newspapers.  Side table should have one or two drawers to store nail clippers, pens, note papers, coasters, etc.  Thus, these items can be out of sight, but handy when needed.

5. Mirrors:  These are important in any room!  Somewhere in the home there should be a full-length mirror.  Every bedroom should have at least one good size mirror over a dresser.  If possible, place a mirror near both the front and rear entrances so arriving/departing guests may check themselves.

6. Be aware of Your Surroundings:  Bev pays attention to everything, everywhere we travel.  She observes other decorating schemes at hotels, restaurants, furniture stores, as well as peruses magazines that come to the Captain Lord Mansion.  She says “Decorating ideas are around you all the time”.

We hope these suggestions and ideas are helpful when planning your own decorating projects.  Your innkeepers, Bev Davis and Rick Litchfield

Bev and Rick 35th

What is BookSmart and How Does it Relate to the Captain Lord Mansion?

Online Travel Agency

3 Reasons to BookSmart

1. Get the same rates. Hotels, inns and resorts often guarantee the best rate on their website and are usually happy to match rates you find on an OTA website. Why? They pay up to a 30% commission on bookings that come through an OTA.
2. Get a better experience. Direct bookers are highly-valued guests, and inns and resorts often show their appreciation by including free extras or giving direct bookers better rooms. Plus, changes to your reservation are much simpler.
3. Keep your dollars local. When you book directly with an inn, resort, or hotel, they keep more of the money — OTAs can charge up to a 30% commission. That savings goes toward improving your stay, and goes further to support the local community.

So, book direct with the reservation desk at the Captain Lord Mansion and we guarantee the lowest possible rate for your reservation!

Your innkeeper, Rick Litchfield

It is Time for Apple Picking in Maine!

Apple Picking in MaineYes, it is time for apple picking in Maine!   For the past two years Bev and I have enjoyed making a short trip west from the coast and the Captain Lord Mansion to the Giles Family Farm to do apple picking.  Picking your own apples from one of Maine’s many apple orchards is an enjoyable way to spend an afternoon on a beautiful New England fall day.  Upon arrival at the Orchard, parking is set among the trees laden with fruit.  There is a small stand where they give you a big bag which surprisingly is much too easy to fill with different varieties of apples.  One year we went with a group of couples from church and we spread throughout the orchard because each couple had different favorites.  We are looking forward to another trip to the orchard this fall; we always bring back apples for use at the inn for breakfast.  Join us in our Kennebunkport bed and breakfast and we will see you in the orchard!  Your innkeeper, Rick Litchfield