Bed and Breakfast Gift Certificates – Do You Know the Captain Lord Mansion Offers a 10% Bonus?

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Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast Gift Certificates are always a great gift idea.  Did You Know the Captain Lord Mansion Offers a 10% Bonus Coupon with your purchase of our bed and breakfast gift certificate?

This Holiday Season give the gift of hospitality in a cozy Kennebunkport bed and breakfast with a Captain Lord Mansion 10% Bonus Gift Certificate

When you purchase a $250 Gift Certificate, we’ll add a bonus $25 Gift Card that you may use yourself or give with the gift certificate.

The Bonus Gift Certificate may be used against room charges or for any stay enhancements such as a spa, wine or food purchases.  We promise to give your recipient all the attention and warm hospitality you have come to expect at our romantic Kennebunkport bed and breakfast inn.

Your innkeepers Bev Davis & , Rick Litchfield

When is Harvest on the Harbor?

Maine Lobster Vacation
Are you looking for an fun activity while you are staying at the Captain Lord Mansion in late October?  Bev and I highly recommend that you consider attending this terrific event.  Harvest on the Harbor is held in Portland, which is only a short 30 minute drive north of our intimate Maine Coast Bed & Breakfast.
Harvest on the Harbor  is celebrating its sixth year as Maine’s Premier Food + Wine Festival!
They invite you to “Eat, drink, and enjoy exceptional food, beer, wine, and spirits from Maine and around the world. Award-winning chefs, epicurean presentations, and live entertainment – all happening on Portland’s waterfront!”  Come enjoy a romantic getaway at the Captain Lord Mansion together with a delightful food festival!
Event Dates are: Wednesday, October 23 through  Saturday, October 26, 2013
Location of Event: Ocean Gateway Pier, Portland, Maine
Your innkeepers Bev Davis and Rick Litchfield

2014 “First Saturday” Wine Tastings

Wine tasting 2

We are pleased to announce our 2014 “First Saturday” Wine Tastings.

And Added Incentives!

Beginning Saturday, January 4, 2014 our romantic Kennebunkport Bed & Breakfast will host complimentary travels around the globe tasting superb vintages from selected vintners.  This year we have several added incentives to attend; each couple who attends one of our “First Saturday” Wine Tastings will receive complimentary gifts of a customized Captain Lord Mansion “Drop Stop” wine pourer.  Additionally, each couple will be entered into a drawing to return to the Captain Lord Mansion for a free night at the inn combined with joining Bev and Rick in attending one of the Mansion wine suppliers spring “Grand Tastings”.

Scheduled Dates:

  • Saturday, January 4, 2014  (Bev & Rick – Sparkling/Champagne)
  • Saturday, February 1, 2014  (Bev & Rick – Chocolate Wine & Other Specialty Wines)
  • Saturday, March 1, 2013  (Dick Varano – Great Italian Wines)
  • Saturday, April 5, 2013  (Bev & Rick – Great Cabernet’s)
  • Saturday, May 3, 2013  (Bev & Rick – Springtime Favorites)

These tastings are a time to learn more about specific wines from a region or a type of wine; we will provide you tasting notes and other informative handouts.  We start the events at 5:30 pm and go to about 6:30 pm; that allows you plenty of time to plan a romantic dinner after the tasting.

The Captain Lord Mansion wine tastings are complimentary; they are included in the room rates for the weekend.  Weekend Rates at our intimate Maine Coast Inn start at $239 per night. Your innkeepers, Bev Davis & Rick Litchfield

Drop Stop                                                                                          “Drop Stop”

Where is the New Brewpub located near Kennebunkport?

Brew Pub Glasses

Dick Varano and his wife Sherri have opened a new restaurant in Wells, Maine.  It is a great new brewpub called Fire and Brew. The restaurant is offering specialty crafted beers on tap as well as a nice selection of small plates.  Fire and Brew is located on Mile Road in Wells, Maine which is a short 10 minute drive from The Captain Lord Mansion and Kennebunkport.  The Varano’s also own and operate Billy’s Chowder House, a terrific seafood restaurant as well  as Varano’s an authentic Italian restaurant.  All three of these choices offer excellent food and Varano’s has a superb wine list.  In fact, Dick Varano goes to Italy each spring to participate in Vinitaly where he selects some of the finest Italian wines for his wine list.  When you are a guest with us, we can give you directions and help you enjoy one of these three eateries! Your innkeeper, Rick Litchfield

Captain Lord Mansion History, Part 5


1972 – 1978

As I continues to recall the Captain Lord Mansion History, I’ll share about how in April 1972 a young Jim Throumoulos of Biddeford, Maine acquired the Captain Lord Mansion.  His plan was to convert the building to office condominiums.  Ugh!  However, Kennebunkport had passed its first zoning ordinance in March of that year and the new ordinance prohibited commercial development in the newly designated historic residential area.  However, the ordinance allowed rooming houses and Bed & Breakfast inns.  He owned the Mansion for 6 years from 1972 until 1978.  During Jim’s ownership, he was responsible for much decorative restoration such as wallpapering, painting and refinishing painted floors.  During their subsequent 35 years of ownership, Bev and Rick have re-renovated all of Jim’s renovations and done much more upgrading to the physical plant.

After Jim purchased the Mansion, he advertised in college newspapers for students who would trade work for summer lodging. He had no trouble attracting a crew of workers to Kennebunkport for summer work!  To house his workers, Jim made the barn (carriage house) into a dormitory by constructing crude cubicles and added limited bath facilities. Nevertheless, young folks did come and worked hard at sanding floors, stripping wallpaper, painting and generally transforming the old building with a fresh look.  However, Jim was under capitalized and soon was facing severe financial pressure.  First, he sold the land in front of the Mansion to the Kennebunkport Conservation Trust.  In fact, that purchase was the catalyst for the formation of the trust; it was their very first piece of land purchased for conservation.  Subsequently, Jim fell in love with one of the workers who had come to work on the gardens.  Shirley Green was a lovely young lady with much talent.  As Shirley and Jim were planning their wedding, his financial plight worsened.  Supposedly the phones had been turned off.  Whether true or not, Jim went to the post office and found a letter from a local attorney inquiring if Jim would rent a couple of rooms to an elderly woman and her nurse.  Apparently, the attorney had tried to call Jim directly!  Jim came away from that meeting with enough money in advance and security deposits that he was able to stave off financial collapse for a time.  That woman, Mrs Parsons, became their savior.  She lived at the Mansion for only a short time before she was taken gravely ill; but, she was to be a rescuer a second time.  When Shirley visited Mrs Parsons in the hospital, Mrs Parsons knew of the young couple’s financial struggles and told Shirley that she would have her attorney fulfill a year’s rent obligation.  Again, Jim was rescued at the last moment.  That was the beginning of renting rooms to senior ladies.  Jim and Shirley provided three meals a day, breakfast on a tray in their rooms and lunch and dinner “family-style” in the Mansion’s grand kitchen.  Additionally, no nursing care was provided; only room cleaning and laundry.  Whether due to the financial struggles or other personal issues, the marriage foundered and Jim and Shirley’s relationship became strained to the point where she asked for a divorce. Things were complicated because her parents had made an investment in the property.  Also, Jim had apparently mortgaged his mother’s home in Biddeford.  Those financial issues complicated Jim’s life tremendously.

During summers between 1974 and 1977, the couple rented a few rooms on the third floor to transient guests.  However, there were mostly shared baths and marginal “antique” furnishings.  Norman Simpson, the author of “Country Inns and Back Roads” discovered the Captain Lord Mansion during one of his visits to the town. Previously, Norman had the Shawmut Inn in his book; however, Norman was looking for an alternative offering to his readers.  He approached Jim and Shirley and encouraged them to rent rooms and he would list them in his book. Thus, Norman Simpson was the one who discovered the Captain Lord Mansion as a place for the traveling public.  That was when bed and breakfast inns were just beginning to be discovered by the travelers.

That was the scene when Bev and Rick discovered the inn during a trip to New England while researching business opportunities. They were shown the inn on March 17, 1978. 90 days later they became owners of the Captain Lord Mansion on June 15, 1978. That is the “rest of the story”! To be continued. Your innkeeper, Rick Litchfield


Captain Lord Mansion History, Part 4

CLM Front Lawn BD

1900 – 1972

In this edition of the Captain Lord Mansion History, I will cover the years after Charles Clark’s ownership of the Mansion.  Charles P. Clark died in Nice, France in 1901.  After his death, the house always passed on to daughters in the family.  In fact, Charles P. Clark’s daughter Susan and her husband inherited the home during the early years of the 20th Century.  Susan had married Edward Buckland at the Charles P. Clark family brownstone mansion in New Haven on June 21, 1898.  It is located at 444 Orange Street in New Haven, CT and still exists.  As her parents did, Susan and her husband used the Mansion as a summer residence only.  After Edward’s and Susan’s deaths, their daughter Julia and her husband Harrison Fuller inherited and occupied the house summers only.  When Harrison died at the young age of 58 in 1958, Julia moved from Southern Connecticut to Kennebunkport and made the Mansion her year-round residence.  Since the Mansion was used only as a summer residence for many years, the building had never been properly winterized and the heating system was inadequate for year-round occupancy of the entire house. During her winters at the Mansion, Julia lived in only a few rooms of the 20,000 square foot house.  Additionally, during the years that the Bucklands and Fullers owned the Mansion, they maintained extensive gardens on the “River Green”.  There are some wonderful old paintings and photographs of the Mansion taken from Ocean Ave. which show the beautiful gardens.

Julia and Harrison had only one child, Lucy and she inherited the Mansion upon Julia’s death in 1971.  By the time of Lucy’s inheritance there was little left of the family estate in the way of liquid assets; yet, there were sizable inheritance taxes owed to the State and Federal governments.  Lucy chose to liquidate the family estate and to move to a more livable home in New Hampshire!  However, the extensive family collection of nautical historical documents, family heirlooms, fine antique furniture, paintings, china and silver was sold by Lucy at either private sale or by public auction to generate funds to pay taxes.  For example, there was a Simon Willard tall-case clock which was sold through Israel Sack’s New York City Gallery.  Additionally, the pair of original John Brewster paintings of Nathaniel and Phebe was sold by the Kennedy Gallery.  An ad for those paintings was prominently displayed in a 1972 copy of Antiques magazine. Reproductions of these valuable paintings hang in the lobby of the Captain Lord Mansion bed & breakfast inn today; they are for the enjoyment of guests and visitors.

Lucy had four children and we are still in touch with one of them, Juliet M. Parry.  Juliet has been a good friend to the Kennebunkport Historical Society by providing them several Lord Family paintings and family papers. Juliet’s mother Lucy died a number of years ago; however, the extended family is quite large and members show up at the inn from time to time to see the house and to share family history. I’ll continue the history in the next installment which will cover 1972 to 1978 when we bought the property.  Your innkeeper, Rick Litchfield



More Kennebunkport Vacation Activities Revealed!

Goat Island light BD

In this Blog we’ll reveal more Kennebunkport vacation activities.  Let us share with you several of our choices for the top relatively unknown places to visit on a Kennebunkport vacation.  Many guests who visit the area just see Dock Square, Ocean Avenue, a beach, the Bush compound, eat some lobster at a local restaurant and leave.  They often miss these interesting and enjoyable out-of-the -way sights.  Here we’ll share some information about each attraction and it will hopefully inspire you to seek out these vacation treasures which will make your visit to Kennebunkport more memorable.  Our office staff has lots of area maps and is pleased to share directions to each of these “secret places”.  Your innkeeper, Rick Litchfield

Ganny’s Garden : Garden honoring Barbara Bush on the “River Green” in front of the Captain Lord Mansion.

Blowing Cave & Spouting Rock : Two ocean side attractions on Ocean Ave.

Parsons Beach : Secluded beach off the beaten path.

Picnic Rock : Secluded picnic spot accessible only by kayak and canoe.

Franciscan Monastery : Beautiful and peaceful grounds and walking trails.

Eastern Bicycle Trail : Superb gravel bicycle trail through the woods from Kennebunk to Biddeford.

Kennebunkport Vacation Activities Revealed!


Considering a vacation to Kennebunkport? Including a visit to the Captain Lord Mansion, an intimate Maine Coast Bed and Breakfast, Kennebunkport offers you a plethora of activities from A to Z to entertain, to educate and to expand your horizons!  Or just come to the Mansion to relax and unwind! Here, the ABC’s of the many Kennebunkport vacation activities are revealed.

Activities include:

Bev and I enjoy summer in Maine and especially Kennebunkport because there is so much to do.  There is hardly time to fit it all in!  Call the Captain Lord Mansion, a luxurious Maine Coast bed and breakfast inn, today to discuss your vacation plans and how we may assist you in planning the perfect vacation, including romantic sunsets!  Your innkeeper, Rick Litchfield.

What are the Kennebunkport Area Golf Courses?

Cape Arundel Golf Club

Let me share with you the choices you have for playing Kennebunkport area golf courses.

The most famous one is the Cape Arundel Golf Course which is located a short distance from the Captain Lord Mansion.  This is the course which is a favorite of President George H.W. Bush.   It is a rolling links-type of course which borders the Kennebunk River.  In winter, Bev and I enjoy snowshoeing alongside the river because of the scenic beauty of this course.

The Webhannet Golf Club is also located close-by; it is across the river in Kennebunk.  Founded in 1899, Webhannet is a 6100-yard par 71 course featuring serpentine fairways, tidal-fed water hazards and undulating greens that challenge and tempt golfers of all handicaps.  This is another beautiful course well worth the visit and time to play.

The Dutch Elm Golf Club is located about a 10 minute drive from the Captain Lord Mansion is the nearby town of Arundel.  This course is quietly situated in a rural setting, and many of the courses links are bordered by trees. This is another course that welcomes cross-country skiing and snow-shoeing  in the winter.

The staff at the Captain Lord Mansion is pleased to schedule tee times for you at either of the 3 courses, as well as making sure you have carts and clubs if necessary. Also, you can practice your putting at the Mansion’s putting green.  Your innkeeper, Rick Litchfield

Where Can You Find a Fairy Garden in Kennebunkport?

Fairy Garden 3

Where Can You Find a Fairy Garden in Kennebunkport?  You may discover a “Fairy Garden” at the Captain Lord Mansion; it is located amongst the flowers and shrubs which border the garden waterfall.  Imagine the fairies frolicking and splashing about in the cool refreshing streams of water falling over the pebbles and rocks.  Find little “Fairy Houses” tucked here and there among the flowers and foliage.  If you would like to create your own “Fairy Garden”, we sell the houses and additional “Fairy” items in our gift shop.  Come browse our gardens and see if you can see the fairies!  Your innkeeper, Rick Litchfield

Fairy Garden 2