2015 New Year’s Dinner :: Kennebunkport, ME Lodging Package

It is not too early to plan to join us for this New Year’s eve at The Captain Lord Mansion.

Romantic New Year's Eve Dinner

Celebrate the arrival of 2016 with the Captain Lord Mansion New Year’s Dinner & Lodging Package!

Imagine stepping back to a more serene time; imagine spending this New Year’s Eve in the splendor of an 1812-14 Federal Mansion!

Relish our 5-course candlelit dinner, personally prepared and cooked by Bev, each course paired with specially selected wine. We think there is none better served anywhere in Kennebunkport.

Celebrate the arrival of the New Year with a mid-night champagne toast to 2016!

Come celebrate this New Year’s Eve at the Captain Lord Mansion and make an enduring memories!

This 3-Night Holiday Package starts at $259* per couple, per night plus $315.00** per couple for 5 Course Dinner with a 5 Course Wine Pairing, plus Dessert and the Champagne Toast At Midnight.  Space is limited to eleven couples, so call today for reservations for this celebratory holiday, Thursday, December 31 and Friday & Saturday January 1 and 2, 2016. This package is a 3 night minimum.

**Includes 8% Maine Lodging Tax and Gratuity

Back to the Kennebunks with Captain Lord – Episode 2

What would it be like to wake up in Kennebunkport at the Captain Lord Mansion in 2015 if you came from the year 1813? In this episode, Nathaniel Lord finds some new modern amenities that he’s not too familiar with but seems to very much enjoy. Stay tuned for the next episode!

And don’t miss the first episode of Captain Lord’s adventures!

On an ordinary day in summer 2015, innkeepers Rick & Bev stop at Kennebunk’s Ace Hardware to pick up garden supplies. What happens next is anything but ordinary… View a piece of Kennebunkport history as Captain Nathaniel Lord returns! Follow our YouTube channel for future updates.

Come experience our historic and luxurious Kennebunkport bed and breakfast for yourself!

Shopping in Kennebunkport :: Dock Square Shops

shopping in Kennebunkport

Kennebunkport Shopping at Five Recommended Dock Square Shops

Shopping in Dock Square, Kennebunkport is always a pleasure because of the many distinctive shops located there. This delightful shopping haven is only three tenths of a mile from our intimate Maine Coast bed & breakfast inn.  Since we have been innkeepers at the Captain Lord Mansion for 37 years, we are fairly knowledgeable about the different shops and restaurants.  We’d like to share some more of our favorite shops with you in this blog!  Kennebunkport shopping is fun!


The Flaming Gourmet:    Whenever our son-in-law Paul visits, this is one of his favorite places to go.  I have stopped in with him and I am amazed at the plethora of choices of hot-sauces one can find here. With such a wide selection, Paul always always finds a unique one which he hasn’t tried before. So, if hot sauces are your desire, we highly recommend the Flaming Gourmet!  You will not be disappointed.

Dock Square Clothiers:      If you are looking for those trendy clothes that will make you feel at home in Kennebunkport, this shop offers a wonderful selection. Whether you are seeking men’s or women’s clothes, you’ll find lots of choices here.  I love their offering of men’s knit shirts in a variety of spring and summer colors.

Abacus Gallery:   Abacus is the largest retail store in Kennebunkport!  Just like all of the other Abacus locations, the Kennebunkport location is full of fun, interesting, unique, and extraordinary crafts and jewelry for your consideration. Shopping in this store is a real adventure.  Bev and I love to spend time browsing the wonderfully interesting offerings in this extensive shop.

Carla’s:   Bev truly enjoys shopping at this women’s clothing store. Where the Dock  Square Clothiers is for the younger set, Carla’s is for more mature women. Everything Bev has purchased here make her look fabulous. Carla, the owner of this store has a knack for selecting truly classic items.

The Copper Candle:  This is another shop which has been located in Dock Square for over 35 years. At Christmas Prelude, our grandson Ethan loves going in here to find an ornament for his family’s home Christmas tree.  However, Christmas ornaments are only a very small part of what this gift shop offers; as the shop name suggests, the primary gifts to be found here are an incredible choice of candles.

Your innkeepers, Bev Davis & Rick Litchfield

Winter Wine Tastings :: Luxury Kennebunkport Inn

wine tasting in Maine

Enter to Win a Free Night at the inn when you come to one of the Winter Wine Tastings at the Captain Lord Mansion!

Each couple attending the wine tasting will be entered into a drawing to return to the Captain Lord Mansion for a free night at the inn combined with joining Bev and Rick in attending one of the Mansion wine suppliers spring “Grand Tastings”.

Additionally, we’ll treat the couple to fine dining in Portland after the “Grand Tasting”!  Here is a picture of Jim and Sandi Audet, the 2015 winners with Bev at the recent Nappi Distributors Grand Tasting.

Kennebunkport wine tasting

2016 Scheduled Dates:

  • Saturday, January 9, 2016  (Bev & Rick – Delicious Winter Favorites)
  • Saturday, February 6, 2016 (Bev & Rick – CLM Sparkling Favorites)
  • Saturday, March 5, 2016 (Dick Varano – New Italian Picks)
  • Saturday, April 2, 2016 (Bev & Rick – CLM Wine Cellar Favorites)
  • Saturday, May 7, 2016 (Bev & Rick – Delicious Spring Favorites)

romantic getaway in Maine

These tastings are a time to learn more about specific wines from a region or a type ofwine; we will provide you tasting notes and other informative handouts.  We start the events at 5:30 pm and go to about 6:30 pm; that allows you plenty of time to plan a romantic dinner after the tasting.  See you at one of our tastings.

Bev and Rick, Your innkeepers

Gardening with Dahlias :: Tips for Growing Flowers in Maine

Maine Bed and Breakfast breast cancer donations

Bev Davis’ Gardening Tips for Dahlias – 

Why are Dahlias a great flower to add to your garden?

  • Dahlias come in a variety of colors. If you follow a color theme in your garden, you can find a bulb to compliment your theme. Even if you just like one-color variety, there is a large range from which to choose, including dark purples, reds, pinks, yellow and even some two-tone combinations
  • Dahlias make an excellent cutting flower. Most stems are strong enough for large or small arrangements. The “Dinner-Dish” varieties are spectacular just alone in a vase or floating singly in water.
  • Dahlias can take direct sunlight all day long or a sun/shade combination.
  • Dahlias need water but are not temperamental like impatiens which like lots of water. Dead-heading is really easy. As blooms fade, they require just an easy clip and discard to your compost pile.
  • Dahlias bloom from early spring to late fall. The more you clip the flowers, the more come behind….you always have a show of brilliant color in your garden.
  • Dahlias are an annual here in New England. BUT they are easy winter keepers. Just dig the bulb and knock the soil off. Place in a bucket and put in a cool and dark place like a cellar or basement.  Cover lightly with a tarp.  The bulbs really need to be kept in the dark over the winter.  During the growing season bulbs multiply and can be split before replanting in the spring — (I like 3-4 bulbs with each planting).
  • Dahlia bulbs can be purchased at any nursery or you can buy blooming plants.

However, we have a deal for you!
I have deep red/yellow center plants that grow about 4-5 feet tall. They have produced multiple bulbs, more than we can use in the Captain Lord Mansion gardens. Thus, we are proposing selling our excess bulbs as a fundraiser for our breast cancer survivors.
If you would like to have a packet of these bulbs, the first 20 people who order and make a donation of $50.00 to our “Dime for Time” Fundraiser honoring Bev’s Sister Lois (who lost her battle with breast cancer 12 years ago) will receive their bulbs in late April along with planting instructions.  100% of the donation will be given to “My Breast Cancer Support“, a 501 c-3 Charity in Portsmouth, New Hampshire which financially and emotionally supports women during their struggle with breast cancer.

So, make a donation for breast cancer patient support and add Captain Lord Mansion Dahlias to your garden.

Dahlia gardening tips

gardening in Maine

Back to the Kennebunks with Captain Lord – Episode 1

On an ordinary day in summer 2015, innkeepers Rick & Bev stop at Kennebunk’s Ace Hardware to pick up garden supplies. What happens next is anything but ordinary… View a piece of Kennebunkport history as Captain Nathaniel Lord returns! Follow our YouTube channel for future updates.

Come experience our historic and luxurious Kennebunkport bed and breakfast for yourself!

AAA Four Diamond Award 2015 – 35th Consecutive Year

We are delighted to announce receipt of the AAA Four Diamond Award again for 2015!

AAA 4 Diamond Award

Here at the Captain Lord Mansion, we believe it is an extraordinary accomplishment. To travelers, Four Diamonds means AAA (the leader in travel standards with over 55 million members) considers us a lodging establishment that is “upscale in all areas.”

What’s more the the AAA Four Diamond Award tells the world that our “accommodations are progressively more refined and stylish. The physical attributes of the inn reflect an obvious enhanced level of quality throughout. The fundamental hallmarks at this level include an extensive array of amenities combined with a high degree of hospitality, service, and attention to detail.”

Bev and I are exceptionally proud of this level of excellence and we’ve maintained those standards over the past 35 years. Our inn is one of only a handful in Maine to receive the award. The 2015 AAA plaque, seen here, hangs in our foyer, just inside the main entrance.

Just so you know, this is not an award that comes easily. It cannot be bought. It cannot be influenced by a free night’s stay or an expensive dinner. It takes hard work to get there.

The inspectors come without notice. They conduct a white-glove inspection and are brutally particular. They are not beholden to anyone except the standard. How you did the year prior does not matter. They expect improvements every year in service, hospitality, cleanliness, decor, gardens, room enhancements.  AAA’s 55 million members know they can rely on the inspection grading.

Every year, Bev and I have tried to give our guests and AAA something more. Establishing our Memory Garden, the garden waterfall as well as enhancing the other extensive gardens on our grounds was important because AAA considers the exterior of a Four Diamond property just as important as the interior.  So do we!  However, it is also important to continue to invest in room upgrades, redecorating and renovations.  This winter, Bev worked her magic in the Merchant Captain’s Suite, Mary Lord, Lincoln, Daniel and finally the kitchen in the Captain’s Garden House.

Kennebunkport, Maine Bed and BreakfastRomantic Getaway in Maine


Your innkeepers, Bev Davis & Rick Litchfield

Frequent Travel Rewards – Romantic Getaway in Maine

Romantic Bed & Breakfast in Maine

How do you secure frequent travel rewards at the Captain Lord Mansion and how does does the “Memory Garden” relate?  We devised a rather special way to honor our frequent visiting guests.  Every five visits to our romantic bed & breakfast inn earns a gift from the innkeepers; the 10th repeat visit being very special because it earns an engraved paving stone in the inn’s “Memory Garden”.  Here is a picture of a couple (Greg and Deanna) celebrating their 10th visit to the inn by viewing their brick in the “Memory Garden” walkway.

When we were contemplating ways to honor the frequent visitor to the Captain Lord Mansion, we thrashed about with lots of ideas, but none really struck us as being unique.  In 1995, when touring the “Gardens”  show rooms at the Atlanta Gift Mart, we discovered these engraved stones. Bev immediately conceived the idea of a garden area using the engraved stones to recognize the 10th visit.  I had been looking at fountains, so we combined her idea with mine and “voila” a rewards program was born.  The next issue was having the garden designed and built.  Our friend Tony Elliot from Snug Harbor Farm designed the garden and a local contractor built it.  We now have over 750 engraved stones in the garden area and adjoining walkway.  Bev and I salute these loyal guests with a hearty “thank you” for their loyalty and friendship over the past 37 years.

Your innkeeper, Rick Litchfield

Tesla Charging Station :: Now Available in Kennebunkport

Tesla Charging StationAs a member of The Select Registry, a group of “Distinguished Inns of North America”, the inn was chosen to participate in a nationwide installation of a charging station for electric cars including one specifically for Tesla Automobiles. Here is a picture of the first Tesla for which we proudly provided a charge at the Tesla Charging Station over the 4th of July weekend.  The Captain Lord Mansion is now included on the Tesla Internet mapping network as well as other Internet data bases for charging stations.  This is just one more of the services we are proud to offer our guests.  So, if you are traveling in your Volt or Tesla, consider the convenience of charging here at the inn and not worrying about it!


Your innkeeper, Rick Litchfield (Shown here the day the station went operational.)

Tesla Charging Station in Maine

A Kennebunkport Vacation – Summer Activities in Maine

Bicycling in Kennebunkport

If you are considering a Kennebunkport vacation which includes a visit to the Captain Lord Mansion, an intimate Maine Coast Bed and Breakfast, we invite you to review the many vacation activities available for your enjoyment. Kennebunkport offers you a plethora of fun things to do to entertain, to educate and to expand your horizons!  Or just come to the Mansion to relax and unwind! Here is an alphabetized list of Kennebunkport’s vacation activities from A to Z:

A Kennebunkport Vacation:

Bev and I truly enjoy summer in Maine and especially Kennebunkport because there is so much to do.  We often find there is more events and activities than time to do them!  If you would like to discuss your vacation plans and how we may assist you in planning the perfect vacation, including romantic sunsets, please call (207-967-3141) the Captain Lord Mansion, a luxurious Maine Coast bed and breakfast inn, today!

Your innkeepers, Bev Davis and Rick Litchfield.

summer getaway in Maine