Where Can You Meditate With The Franciscan Brothers in Kennebunkport?

Franciscan guest houseThe Franciscan Monastery is located almost directly across the Kennebunk river from the Captain Lord Mansion.  Bev and I enjoy walking the expansive grounds which includes shaded, wooded paths along the river bank.  There are several shrines located throughout the grounds, including one from the New York World's Fair.  The large piece of statuary, which is dedicated to Lithuanian martyrs, was recently restored to its former beauty.  There is also a large grotto with seats for outdoor services.  One of the most thrilling times at this grotto is the candle-light caroling during the annual Christmas Prelude celebration, the first two weeks of December.  Bev and I always get a thrill seeing spreading out from the lawn to the grotto a sea of candle lights rendering some warmth to the cold night air.  Often there is a light sprinkling of snow which adds to the magical atmosphere.  On your next visit to Kennebunkport, we highly recommend you spend an afternoon wandering the beautiful grounds of the Franciscan Monastery.

Panoramicmonastery Your Innkeeper, Rick Litchfield 

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