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What Do You Know About The Amtrak Downeaster?

The Amtrak Downeaster is one way to get from Boston to Kennebunkport. The Downeaster is a fast easy way to get from there to here!  Their trains offer many amenities for your comfort and convenience including reclining seats with plenty of legroom, fold-down trays, overhead reading lights and picture windows. Most window seats feature 110-volt outlets for […]

3 Spots for a Romantic Picnic in Kennebunkport!

3 Places for Quiet Picnicing Along the Water Just imagine strolling hand-in-hand with your loved one, finding a peaceful spot, spreading a blanket, and sharing a delicious picnic together in the fresh air. If this is your idea of "romantic," let the Captain Lord Mansion help! Let us know the day before, and we'll prepare […]

We Honored One Mom with a Kennebunkport Vacation! And The Winner Is!

We Honored One Mom This Past Mother's Day With Her Own Customized Bail-out Package!   We received 55 nominations for moms for Captain Lord Mansion’s “Mother of the Year” award!  We were blessed with all these entries to review and over which to agonize.  We certainly have been made aware of many equally-deserving mothers, most who have […]

The Captain Lord Mansion Cupboards are not only empty, but gone!

    Where are the cupboards?  Where is the stove, the microwave, the sink, the refrigerators and the dishwasher?  All gone to equipment heaven! The big black stove from the 1880's remains and will remain! The windows will be rehung with care, including new ropes! The ceiling will be repainted a bright white.  Bev has chosen […]

6 Ways to Enjoy a Rainy Day in and Around Kennebunkport!

Rainy Day Fun Close By the Kennebunks: Yes, it DOES occasionally rain in Southern Maine. But don't let a few showers dampen your vacation fun. There's plenty to do when the sun's too shy to shine. Here are five places that will entertain, educate, and generally help you enjoy the day, whatever Mother Nature has in mind. […]

What is happening in the Captain Lord Mansion Kitchen?

The answer to that question is "a total redo"!  On Monday, April 6th we start renovation of the Captain Lord Mansion kitchen.  The present kitchen cabinets are over 40 years old and the appliances are also quite old.  New cabinets, new energy saving appliances, fresh paint and new wallpaper as well as new window treatments […]