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Sleigh bells ring. Are you listening?

Sure, the winter is cold here in Maine. The golf courses and beaches are frozen solid.  But it doesn't mean the fun has to end! Not at Rockin Horse Stables, here in Kennebunkport, where Susan and Vince hitch up their beautiful draft horses to an old fashioned sleigh and take visitors on a ride through […]


The season of love is upon us here at the Captain Lord Mansion.  True it is cold outside. But our Valentine's Day special should warm the heart. Did you know we offer a special package just for couples for this heartwarming holiday? How does a warm room, bubbly whirlpool tub, chocolates, champagne and romantic music […]

A wicked winter thus far…

As I write this, we are recovering from a day when the mercury actually reached -19 degrees.  That's NEGATIVE 19 degrees. Without a windchill. It is just another blast of the worst winter has to offer.  We got our first real winter wickedness just before Christmas, right in the middle of Prelude.  A storm that […]