August 2008 - Captain Lord Mansion

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Art history Comes Alive at the Inn…again!

As promised, another entry about the art that graces the walls of the Captain Lord Mansion.  Bev and I know that some of you, when you come to visit, really enjoy these exquisite, extraordinary pieces. Now, permit us to share a little of their history with you. This month’s piece is one that is quite […]

Christmas in August?

Not really, but we’re already getting ready for the grand holiday in life-size style! For many years, Bev and I considered purchasing life-size figures for a Nativity Scene, which we wanted to display on the front granite stairs at the Captain Lord Mansion during Christmas. But, alas, thus far, it’s been too expensive to make […]

Where Can You Find Beautiful Gardens in Bloom?

Thanks to Bev, our resident gardener, the flowers and vegetables are doing splendid this season! In the vegetable garden we have an abundance of tomatoes coming up.  Not just any tomatoes, mind you.  They are the ones we use in all our cooking here at The Captain Lord Mansion.  We also grow our own herbs, […]

Everything’s Coming up Rosy Red.

Did you know that lobsters are really greenish brown, and not red, when they are pulled from the bottom of the sea? (They turn red after they’ve been cooked). Or, did you know that the beautiful, fragrant species of rose that lines our Maine coast is called the Rosa Rugosa? But most importantly, did you […]

What is Living Little?

Where else can you see a log cabin, a general store, a houseboat, a church, a Victorian mansion, a woodworking shop, several homes, and more all under one roof?  In miniature at the Brick Store Museum‘s newest exhibition, of course!  Living Little: A Selection of Doll-houses and Architectural Models. These are just a few of […]